Bryan Alexandros

C×O, Advisor

Bryan Alexandros is an advisor for high-tech companies, global enterprises, and government agencies. He works with ambitious teams and rogue executives who want to break barriers in business and build new industries.He serves as Chief Strategy Officer for ACEIS Electric & Power where he collaborates with senior executives on strategy, new economic models, and the future direction of smart cities. Bryan is also the principal of Skylance LLC, an advisory firm near Washington D.C. that helps tech companies win new business beyond their geographical borders.

Case Studies

  • Multiple MoUs

  • Unique Partnerships

  • Teaming Agreements

  • Success Metrics

  • Funding Strategy

  • New Business Model

  • Efficient Meetings

  • Modernized Brand

  • Quicker Sales Closings


Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

ACEIS Electric & Power

Nov 202X - Present

Deleware, USA

Lead Operator (CEO)


January 2014 - Present

HQ: Arlington, VA. USA

Director of Strategy

ACEIS Capital Ltd

July 2023 - Present

Bangkok, Thailand


× Helped formalize new company partnerships via MoUs, LOIs, etc.
× Formulated a regional innovation plan that included stakeholders from NASA Langley and local universities


× Joint Ventures (JV) / Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)
× Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
× Scaling Companies into New Markets
× Creative Visioning / Storytelling
× Competitive Countermeasures
× Commercial Diplomacy
× Debt Capital Markets / Growth Equity
× Support M&A Operations and Transactions
× Smart City / Digital City Business Models
× Strategic Advisory Services
× International Trade Consulting
× Corporate Communications


× Build the Future Cities of Thailand
× Build out the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)
× Create new value ventures that benefit future societies and enhance the national GDP globally
× ░▒▒▓▓█[redacted]█▓▓▒▒░░
× Seek new collaborations with C-Level executives


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